VB.Net Strip Numeric Characters from an Alpha-Numeric String

I see it everywhere, people with blogs posting up ASP.NET/VB.NET code snippets.  At work I'm always asked to create a quick function how to do something. Or someone will say, "how do I do this?" and I can't help myself but write out the code real quick.  So I thought why not me? Why don't I start putting up my own code on my own blog?  So here I am.

So my first piece of code is super simple, just strips out numeric characters from an alpha-numeric string.  Now maybe there's already a built-in method in .Net that does this already, but .Net is so full of methods and namespaces and such that I don't know them all. 

So here we begin a new blog theme.

   1: ''' <summary>
   2: ''' Strips out Numeric characters from a Alpha-Numeric String
   3: ''' </summary>
   4: ''' <param name="HotStripper">Send Alpha-Numeric String</param>
   5: ''' <returns>String</returns>
   6: Function StringOutNumbers(ByVal HotStripper As String) As String
   7:      Dim NewValue As String = ""
   8:      For I As Integer = 0 To HotStripper.Length - 1
   9:           If IsNumeric(HotStripper.Substring(I, 1)) = False Then
  10:                NewValue += HotStripper.Substring(I, 1)
  11:           End If
  12:      Next
  13:      Return NewValue
  14: End Function


Dim myString As String = StringOutNumbers("Something1234")



Note: If you wanted only to pull out the numbers you could just change line 9, from False to True.

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