Another Real World BDD Example (#2)

This is my second real world BDD example that we’ve written in the past here at Clearly Agile. I’ve been given permission to share this piece of code from the client.

My previous example you can view here, which is around languages.
In this example, we have a scenario where a user can create something called a “Project” and it has to have a correct “Open Date”. Open Date is when the Project is complete and it’s calculated off a collection of Tasks.

What is truth?

Started a series called the Truth Project by a Dr. Del Tackett and it's been very profound. If you haven't heard of it, check it out here: 

There are many questions asked and it's a thought provoking video. One thing I definitely can see, and I agree with, is that Truth is not variable. We can't all have our own Truth's based on our beliefs. There is one Truth. The truth is a fact and based on reality. It's not based on perspective or opinion or variable in any way.

Mentioned in the Best of Tampa Bay book

Clearly Agile, the company I own and operate, was featured in a recent book "Best of Tampa Bay."  It talks about our early days, and it's nice to be mentioned alongside other great companies and locations in the area. 

Featured in the Tampa Bay Times

We were featured in the Tampa Bay Times on December 11th 2016. 

Fred Mastropasqua and Edmund Gorski started their software company, ClearlyAgile, from the desks they rented at CoWork Ybor.

"As our company started growing, we realized we needed to create some kind of workplace culture," said Mastropasqua, president of ClearlyAgile. "It was hard to learn the kind of work we do from home." He said they liked the laid back, but creative, atmosphere there. Plus CoWork Ybor is attached to the Blind Tiger Cafe, a perk for meetings and for free drip coffee.


If you're not familiar with BDD, Behavior Driven Development, it's a way of writing requirements that can be automatically turned into code for agile developers to automated testing of that feature. Read more about it here. This post is about specific examples.

However, I gotten tired of seeing the same examples everywhere. The "As a math idiot..." ones and lack of real world uses. I thought I would share some of the real world examples of Behavior Driven Development patterns, or BDD. I've scrubbed the examples from any client information. 

Wife’s wedding dress stolen from the UPS driver's hands

Over the last year my fiancé, at the time (wife now), and I saved up what we could and threw ourselves a wedding. Didn’t ask anyone for money, just invited everyone that we could afford too. Yes, we had some help in some areas with some things form loved ones but not out of asking for it but out of them offering. One of those was my wife’s wedding dress. Shown in the picture. So we got married and went off to the honeymoon. Israel and then Prague. After we got back she sent her dress to off to a service to get cleaned and sealed. So it could be preserved. Weeks later she got the delivery and low and behold…. it wasn’t her dress. She was pissed! They had mailed her someone else’s dress.