Convert Pipe Delimited File to CSV File and Choose and Reorder Columns

A friend need a small program to take a Pipe file and convert it to a CSV file. Easy enough, replace the “|”,s with “,”’s.  Until you add more requirements, allow the user to choose which columns they want to convert over and allow them to re-order the columns and save the file as something else.  Ok now you’re talking about streamreaders, streamwriter, some type or reorder control and choosing columns. Turning a 45min project into a  3 hour project going at full pace, as I’m not much of a Windows Form developer, I generally stick in the world. Anyway.. here’s the project in VB.Net and source code.

The executable is in it’s default location TextPipeConverter\TextPipeConverter\bin\Debug\TextPipeConverter.exe

Notes: There’s no error checking, very minor, no try catches, quick and dirty.

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