Traveling to India

So for anyone that might not know, my company sent me to India for evaluate a few things for a client of ours. anyway...

Traveling to India was pretty much uneventful. If anything it felt strange traveling for so long, 24 hours of travel, though in India somehow I would arrive two days later. Mix that al in with the time zones and I feel like I've stepped through a time machine into the future. All my friends and previous life is in the past in another world.

I was sitting in the airport in Paris, and I kept watching people and something was strange about everyone. Beside the fact that I had no idea what anyone was saying as they all spoke french.. then it hit me, I hadn't seen one fat person. Everyone was skinny or just a little over, but no fat people. All the women are different, such a wide range, not saying they were all hot but I was kind of mesmerized. The black females were different as well, more sophisticated it seems no ghettoness about them. Then they spoke french and sounded.. intriguing. One girl came up to me to talk to me and seemed highly disappointed finding out I couldn't speak french.

Luckily over 24hrs and I didn't have to go t the bathroom. Though on the last leg to Bangalore they plane had a strange smell to it. Not sure what it was, so I faught back in my own way and kept passing gas haha.

I'm a fast driver and I appreciate a good speedy drive to get from point A to pint B, but man they drive a bit crazy here. they don't drive in the lanes like they should and though I read a sign every mile saying to do so. In stead they drive over the stripped lines diving the lanes like a remote controlled car on a toy track. They only move over if someone ties to pass them or push them with their car. They all honk and flash their lights as they practicly sidewipe everyone. I appreciated my speed course through the highway driving on the "wrong" side of the road, but I wonder how many accidents they run into.

On my ride to the hotel I noticed the radio playing Indian music on a very low volume. I asked the driver, without trying to use slang, "can you make the music louder?" he just nodded and says yes sure and kept driving, so I waited a few minutes... and asked again, "Music louder?" and again "yes" and no action. finally I pointed to the radio and give a thumbs up and shook it to the ceiling. finally he turned it up haha. I sat back and was enjoying whatever was playing. A few minutes into he turns the station.. station.. station... stops on one playing bad american 80's music. then the Dave Matthew's Band starts to play on the radio. I'm like ugh, come on. I didn't just fly 3000 miles to listen to Dave Matthew's play on the radio and crappy American 80's music. I finally told him "Indian music. Put back. Indian music" I know I sounded like a cave man but I'm trying to limit the words he has to translate.

I love the music and dance here, esp Indian's MTV.

I couldn't see much on the drive it was midnight when I flew in. Though the buildings on the sides of the highway looked like someone took gigantic coke and pepsi soda boxes (like the kind you buy at the store and put in your fridge and it has 24 cans) and built structures out of them. I don't think I saw a solid colored wall. It wasn't graffiti, just looked like sections of large soda boxes and advertisements everywhere.

Hotel has double security, I kind of felt like I was going to get stripped searched. Taxi drove through one gate and car was inspected with about 10 security guards. Then through another gate into the hotel. Makes me feel safe though once you're in, just in the back of your head in the middle of the night, you're thinking.. am I going to get out of here alive? haha.

Everyone in the hotel was extra nice and friendly. Too friendly it seems. Not sure why I feel every Indian I meet is timid and shy. I feel like I just want to start ordering them around. Do they have confrontations? Well other then driving.

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