Authorize.NET SDK for ASP.NET MVC


Rob Conery has worked with the new Authorize.Net SDK and shows it how is easily used for ASP.NET MVC

Authorize.NET SDK Download

Works with nice HTML Helpers

  • Html.CreditCardInput() - creates a properly sized box for inputting a card, named with a purpose. If you set a boolean switch "forTest" it will set a test card number for you.
  • Html.CCVInput() - a textbox for the card code
  • Html.CreditCardExpirationInput() - a textbox for the expiration
  • Html.CheckoutFormInputs(true) - all 3 of the above, formatted for you, with a "test" switch that indicates whether to show a test warning.

ASP.NET MVC Self-Training in 15 Days–Free Online Material

This is still a work in progress, in regards to timing, and removing redundant material. However, I think it’s pretty close, as I’ve done a couple of these tutorials already.

Some of the tutorials are in C# and VB.NET so I’ve linked to the VB.NET versions, being a VB.NET lover myself.  On those tutorials you can click on the C# version.


Tutorial 1 and 2 are in C# only, so you can use the converter I’ve linked too.



Tools to use:

C# to VB Converter:

Adventure Works Sample DB:

Visual Studio Express:

Day 1

Complete Tutorial Set 1: Getting Started

Read Material Set A: Overview / Execution Process

Day 2, 3, 4

Complete Tutorial Set 2: MVC Music Store (Use Converter to VB)

Day 5:

Read Material Set B: Models and Controllers / MVC Routing

Complete Tutorial Set 3: Routing / Custom Routing

Complete Tutorial Set 4: MVC 3 with Razor View Engine

Day 6:

Complete Tutorial Set 5: Creating Custom HTML Helpers

Complete Tutorial Set 6: Using Tagbuilder for HTML Helpers

Day 7:

Complete Tutorial Set 7: Validation Methods. Simple / iDataError / Service / Data Annotation

Day 8:

Read Material Set C: Passing Data to View Master Pages

Complete Tutorial Set 8: Caching Output / Dynamic Content

Read Material Set D: JavaScript Injection Attacks

Complete Tutorial Set 9: Unit Testing

Day 9, 10, 11, 12

Complete Tutorial Set 10: Content Management

Day 12, 13, 14, 15

Optional Complete Tutorial Set 11: Nerd Dinner Tutorial