$35 laptop prototype or something from India coming soon! (Update)


India is about to put out a computer that’s only $35!! Crazy!  Then drop the price to $10 a unit as it sells. Don’t know what the stats are other then it’s a Linux based machine but I’d buy 10 of them.

From the picture it kind of looks like a wallet and flexible.  Who’s been smudging up my screen!

“India has unveiled a $35 computer prototype as part of its program to provide connectivity to its students and teachers at affordable prices.”

“The ministry said the price would gradually fall to $10 a piece.”

“The Linux-based computer is equipped with an Internet browser, a PDF reader and several other facilities…”

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/07/23/india.thirty.five.dollar.laptop/


Indian government minister Kapil Sibal unveils a prototype of the $35 computer.



Looks like it’s still in progress and more legit then the original post. http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20013370-1.html


  • OS: It was changed from Linux to Android.
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Camera
  • Full Video Capability
  • Wi-Fi
  • 2GB Ram
  • Scheduled for Mid-2011

When Faced with the Facts, You’ll hold on to your misbelieves even more.


This interesting study, I wanted to post. As when I talk to someone about politics or religion, it’s interesting how when faced with factual information, someone’s views will not change.

"In a series of studies in 2005 and 2006, researchers at the University of Michigan found that misinformed people, particularly political partisans, rarely changed their minds when exposed to corrected facts in news stories. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts, they found, were not curing misinformation. Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger."


“…we base our opinions on beliefs and when presented with contradictory facts, we adhere to our original belief even more strongly. “

nCore.cc Invite? Anyone?

Does anyone have an nCore.cc invite they can send me?  I don’t speak Hungarian, but I love BitTorrent sites.  Seems this one is invite only, and of course you have to know someone in the circle to get an invite, so no access for me.  Reminds me of Oink.cd in the old days before they were taken down, was invite only and a great site.  Demonoid is as well, but at least I was able to get in eventually.  Though lately I find myself using Kickasstorrents.com for everything. I do like RLSLog, I’m glad they are back online.