Pookie - Update

An update to my Pookie post.

Found! Yes he's been found.

I made 7 large signs with Pookie's picture, 3' x 5' and strategicaly placed them in the area.  A lady called me around 10pm and told me she had seen him in her area. This prompted me to go out and look.  I saw spotted him!! When I pulled the car over he had ran so fast into who knows where, and was lost again. This gave me hope because I knew he was ok and still kicking.  I searched for an hour or so after that with no luck and went home.

2 hours later I was about to go to bed and just had the urge to go look one more time for the night, I felt he was trying to get somewhere, maybe come home.  I drove around and around with no luck for abot 45 minutes.  Finally headed home I saw a cat on the side of the road, I got out of my car and called to him, he didn't come but he had stopped running and hid in the bushes.  Once I got close enough and kept talking he finally came out and came towards me.

So there we go, cat found at last!  I should just delete all thse mushy posts now :) Not like me,


Not sure anyone actually reads this but I guess it will be here more as a historical event of records or some type of online public diary.

On the evening of Monday, December 3rd, my first and favorite pet, Pookie, ventured off out of the screen patio through a hole made by a racoon. Which I had covered up but it seems he found a way around it.  I don't know when he left as I didn't discover he was missing until Tuesday morning.

He's an indoor only cat, but he's gotten away before. In the past though he's always come back with-in 24 hours.

It's Saturday, December 8th and no sign of Pookie anywhere. It's been 5 days. I've walked around the conservation behind my house, I've put up signs at the stop signs in my area and the developments near by.  I've put signs by houses I think he might have gone by. Nothing :(

Never thought losing him could bother me so much but when I look back on my life, I've never had a major tragedy that affected me directly.  This was my first pet and will be my first loss of someone or something close to me. So it does sadden me.

Anyway, I still have slight hope that he comes back. I'm afraid someone took him in and now he can't get back to me.  I've made large posters today at kinkos, and going to put them out after I get my oil changed in my car.


Update to this Post here

Dynamic MP3 Text to Voice

Here's a concept I thought was neat.


vozMe.  I takes the text you enter and dynamically creates an MP3 for download. Thought it was a pretty neat idea. You can also use it on a webpage to read text to the user.